What Are Papercut Monsters?

Papercut Monsters—What a peculiar name. Where does it come from? If they are made from linen-cotton fabric, why call them paper? The reason is pretty straightforward. Each monster begins its life as a paper collage by award-winning designer Joel Kadziolka. Magazines, newspaper, maps, photographs—heck, even paper towels—are carefully cut up and arranged to create each design. 

What began as a component of a university project assignment while studying graphic design at the University of Alberta caught fire. People wanted more of his creations, so Joel took to the craft sale circuit, getting the attention of local media and he has been growing a following of supporters and collectors ever since. He now crafts his monsters from the comfort of his studio in beautiful Vancouver, BC.

First adopted by young professionals as a cool piece of office decor, Papercut Monsters have found their way across the globe for a wide range of fans. The machine-washable wonders are easily held by little hands and have no small pieces, making them great for even the youngest of children. Whether you buy one as a best friend for someone special or keep it for yourself to proudly display your inner creative beast, Papercut Monsters don't mind—they get along with everyone!