Woodsworth - Papercut Monsters - Handmade Stuffed Toy
Woodsworth - Papercut Monsters - Handmade Stuffed Toy


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Meet Woodsworth – Woodsworth von Papershmidt that is! Affectionately known as Woody, he loves cavorting around with his fellow Papercut Monsters. Highly social and energetic, Woodsworth still enjoys his quiet time soaking in the hot-springs and snacking on pastries.

Each Papercut Monster:
    • Starts out its life as a paper collage before becoming a unique fabric friend.
    • Has a rich visual texture thanks to the handmade illustrations of designer Joel Kadziolka.
    • Is specially printed directly on linen-cotton canvas.
    • Is machine washable.
    • Uses eco-friendly inks and printing processes.
    • Is stuffed with all new polyester fibrefill.
    • Makes an excellent stuffed toy for even the most rambunctious children.
    • Functions as an excellent home/office decor accent for children-at-heart.
    • Is handmade as part of a limited edition run.

Pygmy 10"


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Woodsworth - Papercut Monsters - Handmade Stuffed Toy

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