Felicity - Papercut Monsters - Handmade Stuffed Toy
Felicity - Papercut Monsters - Handmade Stuffed Toy


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Meet Felicity – She may be foxy, but she's not sly—she's shy. Her idea of a "fox hunt" is a solo hunt for treasure. Her idea of treasure is a heap of wild balloonberries. She might ever share her spoils with you if you are patient enough. 

Each Papercut Monster:
    • Starts out its life as a paper collage before becoming a unique fabric friend. 
    • Has a rich visual texture thanks to the handmade illustrations of designer Joel Kadziolka
    • Is specially printed directly on linen-cotton canvas
    • Is machine washable. 
    • Uses eco-friendly inks and printing processes
    • Is stuffed with all new polyester fibrefill.
    • Makes an excellent stuffed toy for even the most rambunctious children. 
    • Functions as an excellent home/office decor accent for children-at-heart.
    • Is handmade as part of a limited edition run.   

Pygmy 10"


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Felicity - Papercut Monsters - Handmade Stuffed Toy

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